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This is one of the thickest balsamic vinegar condiments we've ever tasted. It is the perfect everyday balsamic for people who like a more viscous balsamic texture. It makes for a great salad dressing, but is also outstanding for sautéeing vegetables like radicchio or swiss chard. Mariangela, the producer of Balsamic Saba 6, suggests using it over grilled salmon, on risotto with asparagi and zucchine, in farro salad, and with anything that could use a balsamic kick!

Differently from Balsamic Saba 3, this Balsamic Saba 6 (aka BalsamoSaba 6 or B6) is sweeter and thicker. Balsamic Saba 6 is classified as a balsamic vinegar condiment and is made out of just grape must, processed in two different ways. In short, Mariangela makes Balsamic Saba 6 by combining cooked grape must that has been aged for 6 years in wooden barrels with pure saba. Saba is grape must that has been cooked down to a fine syrup, and is un-aged.

This Balsamic Saba 6 is wonderfully thick and smooth in texture but does not include any artificial thickeners or ingredients. Like all Cà dal Non products, Balsamic Saba 6 is 100% made from grapes. 

This Balsamic Saba is made by Mariangela Montanari in Vignola, Modena. Mariangela is the most balsamico-passionate and all around enthusiastic person that you will ever meet. Mariangela grows all of her own grapes in Modena and strictly adheres to organic farming growing practices. Mariangela grows her own grapes organically on 6 hectares of vineyards, and the grapes she uses are typical of the Modena area: trebbiano, pignoletto, lambrusco, cabernet sauvignon and vignola. She is also a distinguished producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP

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