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We Italians have a word for that pleasant mix of sweet and savory: agrodolce. When it comes to Mariangela Montanari’s Balsamic Saba 3, we call it agrodolce perfection. The most balanced balsamic vinegar condiment you’ve ever tried, this is your go-to everyday balsamic. It is sure to please even those who claim to “not really like vinegar” (it seems incredible, but we hear they exist). Unsurprisingly, this makes the perfect salad dressing, like a fresh Caprese salad, but is also outstanding on steamed or roasted vegetables or on any egg dishes like poached eggs or frittata. One of Mariangela’s specialties is lightly sauteing onions in her Balsamic Saba 3. 
Compared with Balsamic Saba 6, this Balsamic Saba 3 (aka BalsamoSaba 3 or B3) has a more acidic flavor profile and is less sweet. 
But what exactly is Cà dal Non’s Balsamic Saba 3? It is a balsamic vinegar condiment made out of just grape must, processed in two different ways. In short, Mariangela makes this Balsamic Saba 3 by combining cooked grape must aged for 3 years in wooden barrels with saba. Saba is a grape must that has been cooked to a fine syrup and is un-aged.
This Balsamic Saba is made by Mariangela Montanari in Vignola, Modena. Mariangela is the most balsamico-passionate and all-around enthusiastic person you will ever meet. Mariangela grows all her own grapes in Modena and strictly adheres to organic farming practices. Mariangela grows her own grapes organically on six hectares of vineyards. The grapes she uses are typical of the Modena area: Trebbiano, Pignoletto, Lambrusco, and Cabernet Sauvignon. She is also a distinguished producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP. 
Use it for:
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