Yellow Piennolo Tomatoes

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This is a big jar of yellow tomatoes. The casa Barone Yellow Piennolo is wonderfully fresh-tasting, with a savory sweet flavor profile, thanks to its abundance of natural pectin. Small and meaty, Piennolo tomatoes are sliced in half and jarred with their thin skins still on. Unlike other Italian tomatoes, these delicate little tomatoes do not stand up to long cooking; they’re so sweet they require very little to make an outstanding sauce. Add a bit of olive oil and garlic, heat them gently in a pan for a few minutes and toss with spaghetti for a deliciously simple dinner. Piennolo tomatoes have such an outstanding, balanced flavor they can also be eaten raw; we love them with a little salt as a topping for bruschetta, or crushed for homemade pizza.  With a remarkably low acidity and milder flavor than their red cousins, they are a perfect pair for delicate ingredients like seafood. Their stunning golden color reflects an unusually high vitamin content (beta carotene, lycopene, and vitamin C), and gives them amazing potential for creativity in the kitchen!

casa Barone Pomodorino Giallo da Serbo come from an ancient variety that at one time risked extinction, and have been salvaged thanks to the efforts of local producers who continued to cultivate them for personal use, long after commercial farms lost interest. They grow organically in the Mount Vesuvius National Park in Campania, where the strong sun, low rainfall and mineral-rich lava soil give the tomatoes a high concentration of sugars and acids, which allows them to preserve their remarkably fresh flavor over time. And because they are cultivated without irrigation, Piennolo tomatoes are unusually sustainable.

These yellow tomatoes are called da Serbo because they are a tomato worth preserving for future generations. The are true heirlooms. In Italian, serbare means to preserve or conserve. This yellow tomato is a rare and precious variety, to be preserved and kept alive through the generations. 

At casa Barone, farmers hand-pick each tomato, and intertwine the vines together in upside-down bunches. “Piennolo” means “hanging” in the Neapolitan dialect, thanks to the local tradition of storing these tomatoes hanging from the ceilings of home attics in the winter. As the tomatoes dry upside down, their skins thin and their pulp softens and almost caramelizes, enhancing their natural sweetness.


casa Barone is located on the slopes of Monte Somma, in Campania, an ancient volcano whose successive eruptions formed the cone of Vesuvius. The original farmhouse that gave the company its name was constructed soon after the eruption of Vesuvius in 1872; today, casa Barone is committed to protecting the rich biodiversity of their region, focusing on local varieties, traditional production methods, and organic farming. casa Barone captures the incredible freshness and flavor of the Mediterranean produce that grows on their land, with a line of fruit preserves that include tomatoes, apricots, oranges and pears.