Rio Grifone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Rio Grifone is an elegant olive oil of medium intensity; fruity on the nose, with hints of green pepper, it has a well balanced taste, with notes of artichokes, a pleasant bitterness, and a lovely spicy finish. Perfect for both cooking and as a finishing oil, it is delicious drizzled on bruschetta and pasta dishes as well as salads, cooked vegetables, soups, fish, and grilled meats. Rio Grifone is the perfect all-purpose extra virgin olive oil, and a pantry staple!

This classically Tuscan oil is a blend of three cultivars: Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Pendolion, cultivated and harvested by local growers in the Monte Pisano area of northern Toscana, between Pisa and Lucca. Within 24 hours of harvest, the olives are brought to our producer Nicola Bovoli, in the enchanting hilltop village of Vicopisano, where they are immediately pressed and filtered.

The olive oil takes its name from Nicola’s Rio Grifone mill and the small stream - the Rio Grifone -  that runs nearby, which until a century ago powered the mill’s machinery. Nicola continues to press all of his olive oil immediately after harvesting at his own mill, which he says is the secret to outstanding oil. Nicola is a professional olive oil taster who, together with his wife Lucia, his daughter Simona and her family, tend the family’s own Frantoio olive grove, with trees dating back hundreds of years.