Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

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Satisfy your sweet tooth and your coffee craving all at once with these tiny treasures. Sant’Eustachio chocolate covered coffee beans just might be the perfect mid-afternoon snack or after-dinner pick-me-up. The secret is quality ingredients; a rare variety of low-acid, single-plantation Guatemalan beans is dipped in a thin layer of rich, 70% dark chocolate. The result is the perfect balance of smooth and crunchy, sweet and bitter. Eat them like candy for a deliciously sweet buzz, or toss a few into your coffee for the perfect creamy cup.  

This exceptional treat comes from brothers Raimondo and Roberto Ricci, owners of the legendary Sant’Eustachio coffee bar, located near the Pantheon and serving up what is widely considered the best espresso in Rome since 1938.  Roberto travels the world in search of the highest quality coffee beans, as well as the most responsible farming practices, sourcing from fair-trade cooperatives whenever possible.

In addition to their addictive chocolate-covered beans, Sant’Eustachio produces a full line of coffee specially ground for each brewing method, so you can enjoy the fresh taste of Italy’s favorite coffee without the trip to Rome.