Sorrento Orange Marmalade

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With a smooth, pulpy consistency, casa Barone Sorrento Orange Marmalade has the complex aroma of stewed fruit. Small flecks of rind and just a touch of cane sugar are added to the oranges before they are cooked over a low flame, giving this marmalade an earthy, bitter-sweet citrusy flavor. Spread it on toast, pair it with your favorite soft cheeses, or mix it with ricotta for a healthy breakfast or dessert.  

casa Barone's Marmellata Biologica di Arance di Sorrento is no ordinary marmalade; it is made with “Bionda di Sorrento” oranges, a historic variety that has grown on the Amalfi Coast and slopes of Mount Vesuvius for centuries. The trees are cultivated with a traditional technique that includes the use of “pagliarelle,” special straw mats that protect the plants from wind and cold. In the Mount Vesuvius National Park, the strong sun, low rainfall and mineral-rich lava soil produce medium-sized, bright orange fruit with intense aroma, juicy flesh and a distinctive bitter-sweet flavor. At Casa Barone, each orange is carefully selected, washed, peeled and cooked by hand.

The original farmhouse that gave casa Barone their company name was constructed soon after the eruption of Vesuvius in 1872; today, casa Barone is committed to protecting the rich biodiversity of their region, focusing on local varieties, traditional production methods, and organic farming. casa Barone captures the incredible freshness and flavor of the Mediterranean produce that grows on their land, with a line of fruit preserves that include tomatoes, apricots, oranges and pears.