Milk Gianduja Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

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This chocolate bar is the epitome of Italian gianduja milk chocolate bliss.  La Molina has smooth and velvety down to a science. Incredibly silky, creamy milk chocolate is blended with the world’s finest hazelnuts, and wrapped around whole crunchy nuts. The huge, melt-in-your mouth hazelnut flavor balances the chocolate’s sweetness for an incredibly fresh, rich taste that lingers on the palate. Lucky for us, it comes in what they call an “XXL Oversize” bar. Its sections break apart easily for sharing...or saving for yourself for later…

What is it that makes La Molina’s chocolate so outstanding? In their words, “The family atmosphere, the drive to always do our best...and the fact that we ourselves are chocolate lovers dedicated to real, good food!” La Molina uses only the highest quality of ingredients in their small Tuscan workshop.

They start with a blend of South American and Madagascar chocolate and the incredibly flavorful “Tonda Gentile” Piemonte IGP hazelnuts. They add real Madagascar vanilla and a small amount (0.3%) of lecitin, extracted from non-GMO soy, a natural emulsifier that is frequently used in chocolate production to stabilize the chocolate, ensure a smooth consistency, and protect its flavors. The milk they use in this milk chocolate is powdered European milk, which compared to liquid milk enhances the density of the chocolate.

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