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A bundle of 3 fruit juices, for a tasting of some of the best fruit that Italy has to offer. Marco Colzani’s fruit nectars are truly a smoothie lover’s fruit juice, as if you took the platonic ideal of a perfectly ripened peach, pear or blueberry, pureed it, and drank it right from the blender. Marco preserves exactly the right amount of fruit pulp - the subtle graininess of pear, the delicate flesh of the peach, the tiny soft blueberries - to create an elegant texture that is structured yet clean. Sipping from the quaint glass bottle, you have the almost alarming sensation of feeling the heat of the sun-ripened fruit in a cool refreshing drink. 

Marco Colzani set out to make his fruit nectars the only way a trained enologist knows how: with the highest quality fruit grown in its own perfect habitat and harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness. And just as if he were bottling a fine wine, Marco displays the variety of fruit, area of cultivation, and year of production right on the label: Morettini pears from Emilia Romagna, the Maria Marta variety of peaches from Volpedo in Piedmont, blueberries from Lake Como (yes, the same blueberries that he uses for his Lake Como Forest Berry Jam!). The fruit is picked and processed by hand within 24 hours of harvesting, and is therefore never frozen. Each nectar is made without any preservatives, dyes or other additives; Marco’s goal is to respect the fresh fruit by bottling it as it is, with just a bit of Italian sugar.


This is the breakfast beverage par excellence - which may be why it’s in high demand at the world’s top hotels - and makes a luxurious treat any time of day. Mix these fruit nectars with your favorite spirits or tonics for a stunning cocktail or mocktail - if you can manage to save them until the end of the day. Sipping these nectars is truly the closest thing to drinking fresh Italian fruit - complete with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all left intact through a gentle pasteurization process. In all of the artisanal sweets he produces, his philosophy is simple: “to take away everything that is unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original.”

Marco Colzani is a serious bean to bar chocolate maker. His specialty is coaxing the maximum flavor…