Katie Parla’s Tasting Rome Box

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Roman food. Perhaps Italy's most epic micro-regional cuisines. Rome-based food and beverage educator and journalist, Katie Parla, knows Rome and as she says: "Cucina romana refers to Roman cooking as a whole... local cuisine has been infiltrated fabulously by ingredients, customs, and techniques also inherited from laborers, bureaucrats, and students arriving from other parts of Italy. Their regional Italian elements mingled with native traditions to produce the Roman classics, and the transformation is ongoing." Inside this box, you will receive Katie's riveting and gorgeous book Tasting Rome. It is full of amazing Roman recipes. Armed with Gustiamo's ingredients and Katie's instructions you will cook masterpiece dishes such as Katie's Spaghetti con Cicoria e Bottarga, Butter and Anchovy Crostini, and Amatriciana Estiva, just to name a few! 

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