Latini Farro Tagliatelle – An Inspiration of Great Recipes

6a00e55029641d88340133f59709c5970b-800wi Erica De Mane is on a roll! Nothing can stop her when she uses Italy’s Best Foods! A couple of weeks ago it was lamb shank and cicerchie, this week is Latini Farro tagliatelle! This is what happens when you use the best ingredients. You get inspired, you create wonderful dishes, like this Tagliatelle Farro, pancetta and seafood dish, on the left (click here for story and recipe). Well, I’m inspired too. I just bought some wonderful pancetta from Brooklyn Larder. Tomorrow is Friday, the day of my local green market and I will buy Capt Rick‘s clams, mussels and squid – whatever he has. I am good with the pasta, with a full warehouse behind me, where I sit. Will report. Can’t wait!!!

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