Vote for Gustiamo and Shine a Light! Before Sept 13th.

6a00e55029641d88340120a5424d40970b-800wi This is a program where a small business will be rewarded for its attention to innovation, customer service and involvement in its community. Don’t you see Gustiamo as a sure winner? So did our friend Jesse Kornbluth, the Head Butler who nominated us. Here is what he wrote about Gustiamo. Isn’t it wonderful? If I were the judges, I would have already chosen. But I am not and we need your help. We need “Endorsements”, as many as we can get, before September 13th. It’s very simple. This is how you do it: You click on our nomination page, and on the left side there is a blue big box that says: SUPPORT THIS STORY, ENDORSE NOW. You need to click on this blue box, you’ll ask to register (only your email address and password – this is the only annoying part of the whole proces) and you endorse. Gustiamo, hopefully. Please endorse us and ask all the your friends and family to do the same. Grazie mille!

6a00e55029641d88340120a547d0cd970b-800wi Pls, endorse Gustiamo. If you do and you also want to place an order with us, we’ll discount your order by 30% and we’ll include a gift of our choice in your package. Magic word is: SHINE. As usual, your discount will be reflected on your bill and cc charge.

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  1. Dennis R. Mertz says:

    I have found Gustiamo to provide Italian food products that allow my home cooking to be innovative and exciting. Their customer service is superative. I anxiously await their email mesaages decsribing their new products. Their products are on the cutting edge of trsditional Italian practice and innovative American adaptation.

  2. David J. Singer, MD, FACS says:

    Thank goodness that Head Butler made your place of business known to me, as I’ve often ordered from you, and always received excellent products in a reasonable time frame, and been satisfied with everything I’ve purchased, except for one thing, and that was the “original, somewhat heavy weight, Italian pasta” which I thought not as good as the Angel hair I usually purchase, locally..

  3. Fern Berman says:

    Gustiamo is one of the best ambassadors for Italian food in the United States!
    Brava Gustiamo!
    Fern Bemrna

  4. I believe I am the 50th endorser — buona fortuna a Gustiamo!!

  5. Gustiamo’s has made me aware of the difference between average Italian cuisine and the real thing! Their service is excellent and the quality of their product is unbeatable. grazie, Rick Shaw

  6. 55 now, already in the judging phase. Good luck, and thanks for the awesome food and even better (if possible) customer sercice!

  7. I’ve just completed my endorsement.
    good luck from Molise!

  8. Can a sinmgle can of tuna change your life?
    Yes, if it’s from Gustiamo!

  9. Jean Lindsay says:

    Pasta. A simple plate of pasta so flavorful that it needs no sauce made by a family in a little town near Pisa. I live in one of the greatest food cities on earth and still can only find this pasta at Gustiamo – or in Italy.
    Good luck Gustiamo and when is my spaghetti going to be in?

  10. I sent in my endorsement a few days ago and posted on Facebook.
    So happy to see that you have made it past the required 50 endorsements. will keep my fingers crossed.

  11. Anthony Kirby says:

    The best Pesto in the world is provided by Gustiamo….Gustiamo is the best resource for authentic Italian specialities in the world…

  12. Karen Lazarus says:

    I am proud to endorse Gustiamo. My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful dish of Latini Farro pasta and some Cafaggio Olive oil last night with dinner. It’s not just your wonderful food, but your amazing customer service. I love dealing with a company that is proud of their products and proud of their employees too! Buona Fortuna.

  13. Rena Anya Devéza says:

    Mille grazie Gustiamo for your wonderful products and amazing customer service! All best to you! I was most happy to have endorsed you!

  14. leatrice gilbert deitsch says:

    I hope it is not too late to laud you. Guistiamo is by for the best purveyur of Italian foods in the area Buona fortuna. Leatricia

  15. ciao Leatrice (are we sisters?), it’s never late to receive good comments. grazie a te and all the other friends who posted above and sent their encouragements by email. thank you all. we didn’t win, nevertheless, we had a lot of fun in the office and gained strength by your support. to know that you care means a lot to us. grazie mille!
    – to David: we need to talk about your local angel hair pasta;
    – to Jean: spaghetti Martelli will finally arrive in the warehouse at the end of next week;
    – to Anthony: fresh pesto from Casa Lombardi just flew in and it is delicious.
    to everybody, thank you very very much!

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