Sant’Eustachio Coffee – Can’t Find a Better and Fairer…

6a00e55029641d88340153911deb21970b-800wi Sant’Eustachio coffee is an artisanal coffee, made in small batches by Raimondo and Roberto Ricci. They are brothers and the owners of Sant’Eustachio, the legendary coffee bar in the center of Rome, between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, established in 1938. Raimondo is at the cash register and is in charge of sales; while Roberto oversees the production and the selection of the coffee beans which are, of course, only the top qualities. Roberto travels the world in search of best farms and practices and buys the coffee beans mainly from Brazil, but also from Colombia, Santo Domingo, Guatemala and other countries. Not only do they buy the best coffee, they also work together with the local communities in those countries and support social projects such as schools and hospitals. 90% of the coffee Roberto buys is organic and fair trade. The coffee beans are slowly roasted over wood, a very old and difficult technique: this gives Sant’Eustachio coffee its unique round and full aroma.

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  1. pjkobulnicky says:

    I’d rather buy a very good, locally roasted and recently roasted product. Sav e this for when you visit Rome.

  2. Of course, in Roma, a “grancaffe'” at Sant’Eustachio bar is a different kind of experience. But have you ever tried Sant’Eustachio coffee in America? It is still the best coffee I can find. Very elegant, gentle and balanced. Yes, there very nice “local” roasted coffees in America. They are great if you like aggressive and very very strong coffee. Many of our friends prefer a different approach. All are great! As long as you drink good coffee.

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