San Valentino for Two: a Valentine’s Day Gift with Free Shipping!

Like many of you, we at Gustiamo start to roll our eyes when Valentine’s season rolls around. Don’t get us wrong. Love, hearts, chocolate (GOOD chocolate), and even baby cupids are fantastic; but we’re sure a lot of you are with us when we say, give us a break Valentine’s Day!

That being said, we know a lot of our friends want to participate in the Valentine’s ritual (because why not make your special someone feel well, special, right?), but at the same time don’t want to feed into the industrial consumerism of the holiday. If you feel this way, this GustiGift is for you! Buy it. Surprise your husband, wife, girl/boyfriend, significant other(s), secret crush, friend, parent, neighbor etc.! Cook Linguine al Pesto with them, and have a great time! And don’t guilt yourself about playing into mass holiday consuming. All of the foods in this gift are made by small food artisans in Italy.

Best part is, use GustiCode “amore” at checkout for free shipping.

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