Nuovo Gustiamo

New Gustiamo is LIVE! Log on and tell us what you think! Give us your feedback on Facebook, Twitter or email us… You can even reach us on Skype (click the on the homepage). It took us 9 months to deliver and finally the New Gustiamo is online. Vibrant, fresh, social, new pictures, easy to use. At least, that’s what we think.

More importantly, what do you think? This is the comment of our very first customer, Michael:
“Greetings! Pretty happy with the web site, and I am very thrilled that after all these years, I can have an account and not have to enter my information from scratch every time I order.”… click here to read more about it in our newsletter and; and to sign up for our newsletter type your email address into the white box at the top of this page and click submit (don’t forget to confirm your subscription!).

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