Lilly Gets It! We Hope You Do, Too!!!

Lilly This is the best gift Gustiamo received! It’s a post by our young friend Lilly at Gustiamo’s tasting last week at Il Cantuccio. You must read it!  We tasted the new harvest EV Olive Oils. Not only does Lilly write beautifully, with that young edge only a 20 year old girl can have (who would ever think of a better title than “Hanging out with Raja, Tonda and Gentile di Larino”), SHE GETS IT! She says it all and very clearly: what Gustiamo’s tastings are; the new harvest of olive oils; the New York Times Calendar mentions our next one where you can win a free bottle; how to taste the oil; the olives that make the oils and where they come from. And all with fun and curiosity to learn more! Very impressive, isn’t it? This is what we, at Gustiamo, do! We want you to get it!!! Grazie Lilly, this is a precious gift!

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