Inexpensive Olive Oil

A restaurant, dear friend and customer of ours, was offered to buy olive oil from a well known brand at $7 per liter. How can they do it? I paid the euro @1.51, yesterday.

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  1. Se ho ben capito qualcuno gli ha offerto olio (liquido che unge..) a 7 dollari..
    Cosa fare?
    Beatrice consiglia loro, semplicemente, di accostare al naso un bicchierino di uno qualsiasi dei tuoi nuovi extravergini facendo il confronto con questo capolavoro che cosa 7 dollari.
    Semplicemente un confronto olfattivo. Può bastare per capire cosa fare! 😉

  2. Federico Fazzuoli says:

    Nemmeno un mago potrebbe riuscire a portare negli Stai Uniti un olio extravergine di oliva a 7 dollari. Solo per raccogliere le olive in Toscana (a mano, come da tradizione, per fare un olio buono) ci vogliono 5 euro al litro. Il frantoio per la sola molitura prende un euro e mezzo al litro. Un buon olio extravegine di oliva al produttore non può costare meno di 18/20 euro al litro.
    A sette dollari non si sa che cosa si compra. Certamente non l’olio extravergine di oliva.

  3. Renato Giansanto says:

    For an olive oil, to be called “extra virgin” the oil has to have his acidity lower than 0.5%.
    Many people dont know that the acidity increases when the olive become too much mature.
    A common and economic way to harvest is just to put a net under the tree, then wait the olives to fall down. At the end of the season, bring the nets to the “frantoio”. Of course, the olive will lay on the ground for many days. The other way, is to have people picking the olives on the trees, and every day have those olives pressed. Of course this is a lot more expensive.

  4. Renato Giansanto says:

    ..then, of course, there are way to “produce” an “extra virgin” olive oil to be sold on the market at low prices (7 dollars is a VERY low price – I would say far too low to be a real extra virgin).
    One of the most used method is to add some real extravirgin (that usually has an acidity about 0.2%) with a “purified” (different methods here – chemical or by filtering) olive oil, until the resulting oil has a total acidity of 0.5 (meeting the law requirements).
    More or less is like to buy a FIAT, then adding fakes parts until the car becomes exteriorly similar to a Ferrari 🙂

  5. Ciao, Renato. Grazie. You can’t believe how few people in America know about the EV Olive Oil fraud, I believe, the biggest of all times. It is such a struggle to sell good olive oil. Are you a producer?

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