Gustiamo on Camera Fighting Fake Olive Oil

CaptureAttention tutti! Put the popcorn in the microwave, grab a blanket, and sit back, relax and enjoy watching Farm to Table visits the Gustiamo Warehouse. After hearing about a UC Davis study that shows 70% of olive oil here in America isn’t authentic, Chef Jerry and Heather from Stone House stopped by our headquarters in the Bronx to try real extra virgin olive oil.

We sat down with Jerry and Heather to try three different olive oils: PianogrilloCru di Cures, and a fake. After Professor Beatrice’s lecture on the olive oil tasting procedure, we did a tasting. After sipping the fake oil, Gustiamo’s Edoardo said, “It’s really bad.” Apparently this olive oil didn’t settle well with Jerry either; he’s “allergic to bad olive oils.” Heather called it “flat” and Beatrice called it “flavorless.”

The Pianogrillo, on the other hand, “is so much more fragrant, bright,” “alive.”  The Cru di Cures, according to Heather, “is more green, more feminine.”

Where can you get your own real extra virgin olive oil? Gustiamo is the answer to all of your olive oil needs.

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