Gustiamo Eccellenza Among the Movers and Shakers of Italian Food in America. Videos by La Cucina Italiana Magazine

La Cucina Italiana Our friends at La Cucina Italiana came from Milano during the Fancy Food Show at the end of June. And, boy, were they busy! They were always on the move. Their objective was to explore the “cucina in America” and found that it speaks Italian! Anna Prandoni, the head of the La Cucina Italiana school in Milano interviewed the movers and shakers. The edited video has just arrived. Well, guess what: Gustiamo is included! The title of our video is: “Gustiamo” l’eccellenza italiana. It is a wonderful interview in which Martina perfectly explains what Gustiamo is about; our excruciating efforts to select Italy’s best; how it is difficult to communicate the difference between real and fake Italian food. In the same interview (again, watch this great video here, especially if you speak Italian. If you don’t, learn it and watch it just the same) Nicola Bovoli talks about his EV Olive Oil and his relationship with Gustiamo. Bravissimi tutti e due!!!

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