Not your ordinary accountant! Giacomo is your business partner. He also likes Gustiamo’s foods!

Giacomo di Mattia
Giacomo Di Mattia

Giacomo Di Mattia is not your ordinary accountant. Since I was an accountant, also, in my prior life here and in Italy, I know what I am talking about. First of all, he is good looking. More important, he is fun. Much more important, he is quick and very knowledgable. Giacomo came to visit us the other day (left, already hard at work at my computer) and in two hours, we discussed most of our accounting and tax issues. It was great to receive suggestions from somebody who looks at things with a fresh eye, has a positive approach and business acumen. When he left, I sent my friend Giuseppe Brusa, senior partner at GC Consultants and Giacomo’s boss, a thank you note for having sent Giacomo our way.

Ah… and did I mention Giacomo’s exquisite taste in food? He loves our food and on the telephone, after finishing discussing our accounting of foreign currency transactions, he gave me some wonderful feed back about the two products he had tried so far: the carnaroli rice and the sottolio squash by Maida Farm: he said he made his best risotto and he opened the jar of squash and devoured it. A good beginning for a long and successful business relationship.

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  1. Sarah Doyle says:

    He could balance my books anytime

  2. Jane Cazzola says:

    I wouldnt let him near my ledger!!

  3. Ava Venson says:

    Oh my…he’s so hot! He’s handsome and smart. I love these Italian guys, and I wouldn’t mind him doing all my accounting work, haha. If all accountants are like him, the world would be a better place, LOL.

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