Finalmente, just in from Italia!

The moment you have all been waiting for.
Finalmente, just in from Italia and
back in stock at Gustiamo!

Organic Pinoli (Pine Nuts)
Harvested in the heart of Tuscany, you have never tasted pine nuts like these.

Pesto Genovese Rossi
Pesto King, Roberto Panizza, makes this pesto according to Genovese traditions.

Miracolo Pomodorini
Farmer Sabatino grows these wonderfully fruity small tomatoes in Campania.

Dried White

White figs stuffed with almonds, raisins, orange peel, and rum, from Cilento.

Dark Chocolate with Almonds
Irresistible dark chocolate made in Tuscany using famous almonds from Noto.


Our NEWEST PRODUCT! Baked by legendary Chef Biasetto in Padova.

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