Come to Gustiamo AND Bring Your Bottle!

Filling up with Pianogrillo

Bring Your Bottle, BYB

Meaning, bring your empty wine bottle. We will fill it with Pianogrillo for Gustiamo & Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil and you will feel very good, for 3 reasons:

-You recycle precious glass
-You bring home an exceptional EVOO at a very low price
You meet Team Gustiamo

Or, do not BYB, we have plenty of empty wine bottles (well rinsed, of course).

Every Friday, Gustiamo’s doors are open. Come, have a coffee with us, do your food shopping,  buy BYB Pianogrillo EVOO, no shipping charges!

EVOO in your bottle
We fill your wine bottle with Sicilian EVOO!

This is Gustiamo’s new project:

When: Every Friday, from 9am to 5pm
Where: Gustiamo warehouse, 1715 West Farms Road, Bronx, NY
What: Buy a bottle of Pianogrillo for Gustiamo – .75lt at $25

This EVOO is flavorful, well balanced, and delicious. Read Alice’s tasting notes here.

Email us or call us at 718 860 2949 for questions or directions.

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