Cellar 58, Enoteca in NY

Cellar 58 is a new wine bar in Manhattan’s Lower East side. You could go there for their great selection of Italian wines but you should also go for the delicious Italian food, prepared by chef Andrea Tiberi, one of the partners. Martina and I went to Cellar 58 last Monday for a dinner organized by the Accademia della Cucina Italiana. Click on the arrow on the video, below; Andrea introduces his restaurant and the dinner he prepared for us. The interview was done outside the restaurant and was interrupted by fellow Accademico Andrea Fiano. It was a very funny moment; Andrea F came outside because he did not see Andrea T in the kitchen and was worried the chef had abandoned the kitchen and we would be left without dinner. These Accademia dinners have the purpose of evaluating Italian restaurants and the Accademici, led by infatigable Delegato (which means President) Berardo Paradiso, are very critical and hard on the chefs, food, wine and service. Everything is discussed before, during and after each dish and glass of wine and a score is given. These people are tough! (BTW, if you wish to join Accademia, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with Berardo). We had a lovely time, learned new food things and Cellar 58 brilliantly passed the exam. You can go, now!

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  1. Ally says:

    Cellar 58 has become my favorite restaurant!
    I had a lovely time at this wine bar, intimate and cozy. There is a selection of wine from all over the world and the food it’s delicious: the Chef Andrea can make a lasagna to die for! Rich plates and inexpensive…great!

  2. ciao Ally. grazie! i hope Andrea sees this and next tiem you go he’ll offer a glass of wine on him.
    glad you like Cellar 58, too.

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