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These are the real Friarielli of Napoli. Belonging to the family of broccoli, but with a more distinctively bitter and intense flavor, their taste and fragrance is unsurpassable. These Friarielli are cultivated between October and April in Sarno by the farmers of the DaniCoop cooperative, in the same fields where their San Marzano tomatoes come from. Precooked and conserved in water and salt, DaniCoop Friarielli are as close as it gets to eating fresh friarielli in Sarno, in Campania. 

To enjoy them at their best:

1. Rinse off the briny water;

2. Pat dry carefully;

3. Sauté in hot extra virgin olive oil with garlic and chili peppers.

In fact, the word friariello comes from friare, the crackling noise of wet leaves frying in oil. According to tradition in Campania there’s no other way of prepping this variety of broccoli rabe. Whether it be for a flavorful plate of spaghetti with friarielli and anchovies or the iconic pizza with sausage and friarielli. 

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