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Luigi Manias’s raw eucalyptus honey evokes the woody aroma of the Mount Arci Natural Preserve's eucalyptus plant, found in Sardegna. Like all honey, it has both homeopathic and culinary uses. It is considered a treatment for coughs and sore throats, and is the world’s oldest sweetener. Miele di eucalipto is considered especially healing since the compound eucalyptol is a natural anti-inflammatory and decongestant. But health chatter aside, we really love Luigi’s Eucalyptus honey for its quirky, herbal flavor and smooth sweetness. Stir it into warming tea or hot chocolate in the winter, drizzle it on fresh summer fruits, or pair it with your favorite fresh or aged cheese. We love to mix Luigi’s Eucalyptus honey with some top-quality Gustiamo olive oil and Sirk grape vinegar for a salad dressing that will never fail to draw compliments!  

Sometimes eucalyptus honey crystalizes. Crystalization is totally normal and natural; actually, it is a sign of an excellen-quality raw honey. If your honey is crystalized but you'd prefer it to be liquid, just gently heat it up in a bain-marie and stir until it transforms into liquid.

Its rich vegetation and lack of pollution make Sardegna the perfect honey-producing region – it is believed that beekeeping has been a tradition on the island since at least the 17th century.

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