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Cicerchie are a primitive version of the chickpea, in fact they are often described as wild chickpeas. Their flavor is richer and earthier thank chickpeas, closer to the taste of fava beans or split peas. They have an unusual shape - like disfigured corn kernels, which adds to their unique charm! Give them a good soak and boil them to add to salads with some good olive oil, or use them in your favorite soup or meat stew. You can also puree them like chickpeas, add some olive oil, garlic and rosemary, and spread on crostini for a delicious antipasto.  

Cicerchie were a traditional peasant food that fell out of popularity and nearly disappeared in Italy, until chefs and farmers rediscovered them and brought them back into style. We’re sure glad they did, and even happier to be able to bring the unique shape, rich flavor and outstanding protein content of La Valletta’s Cicerchie to your table!

La Valletta is a family-run company in Umbria that uses sustainable processes to grow the exceptional grains and legumes that form the cornerstone of rural Umbrian cuisine. Founded in 1985 by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti, the company is now run by their children, brother and sister team Alessandro and Rosalba, in the tiny village of Colfiorito. La Valletta is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of plants native to the Colfiorito Plateau, an area of rolling green fields on the border of Umbria and Le Marche. On their 100 acres, the Cappelletti family is proud to cultivate pearled barley, farro, purgatorio beans, chickpeas, cicerchie, lentils and borlotti beans - all healthy grains and legumes that are part of the Mediterranean diet and represent the taste of Umbria, a land full of history and tradition.

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