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To produce their outstanding chickpeas, La Valletta plants a variety called sultano, which is different than the garbanzo variety you’re probably used to. These chickpeas are smaller and rounder, stand up well to cooking and have a rich, nutty flavor. Thanks to their thin skin, they require only two hours of pre-soaking before cooking, but can also be soaked overnight.

Rosalba Cappelletti of La Valletta recommends tossing these Ceci degli Altopiani di Colfiorito in a quick salad with carrots, parsley and chili flakes. Or try your hand at the traditional Roman pasta e ceci with San Marzano Tomatoes, onion and rosemary. They’re a great way to add a satisfying nutritious boost to any soup or salad. But we also love showing off to our friends how homemade hummus,with a drizzle of some real extra virgin olive oil, blows packaged versions out of the water.  

La Valletta is a family-run company in Umbria that uses sustainable processes to grow the exceptional grains and legumes that form the cornerstone of rural Umbrian cuisine. Founded in 1985 by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti, the company is now run by their children, brother and sister team Alessandro and Rosalba, in the tiny village of Colfiorito. La Valletta is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of plants native to the Colfiorito Plateau, an area of rolling green fields on the border of Umbria and Le Marche. On their 100 acres, the Cappelletti family is proud to cultivate pearled barley, farro, purgatorio beans, chickpeas, cicerchie, lentils and borlotti beans - all healthy grains and legumes that are part of the Mediterranean diet and represent the taste of Umbria, a land full of history and tradition.

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