Bluefin Tuna Trancio

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Trancio di Tonno Rosso is a simple fillet, the leanest part of the fish - but this is a far cry from ordinary canned tuna, with its dry, chalky texture and bland taste. The exquisite Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna, or Tonno Rosso is full of fresh flavor and and can be enjoyed right out of the can with a squeeze of lemon and a few drops of balsamic. Mix it with cooked beans, asparagus, boiled potatoes, roasted red tomatoes, and sweet onions for a delicious and healthy Mediterranean feast.

These Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna are never frozen and the entire production is done by hand; when the tuna arrives it is butchered, and the cuts are selected and separated for ventresca, tarantello, and trancio. It is boiled in small batches, cooled, and canned using local Sicilian olive oil and sea salt from Trapani.

Uncontrolled fishing has wreaked havoc on the tuna population, and Gustiamo is proud to support a small producer who continues to use tuna fished sustainably, with the traditional net and hook methods.