This box was curated by Mark Bittman for subscribers and friends and includes both the balsamic cocktail and pasta bottarga add-ons.

As Bittman says:

Balsamic Saba 3, a balsamic vinegar condiment made by combining cooked grape must that has been aged for 3 years in wooden barrels with saba.

Linguine made from producer Pasta Faella, along with bottarga made from grey mullet that’s been dried and cured and delivers a savory, briny taste with a hint of almond when it’s shaved over pasta, greens, bruschetta, eggs, potatoes, and risotto.

Filippo Drago’s busiate, made with Tumminia, a stone-milled ancient grain from superstar Sicilian miller, Filippo Drago. It includes Noto almonds, with a sweeter and more pronounced taste than the California almonds. There are the shockingly good Piennolo tomatoes that grow in the Mount Vesuvius National Park in Campania, where the strong sun, low rainfall, and mineral-rich soil of Mt. Vesuvius give the tomatoes a high concentration of sugars and acids... 

It includes the beautiful chili peppers in oil, preserved in 100 percent Leccino real extra virgin olive oil made right on this Maida farm. It’s anchored by the versatile Umbrian Quinta Luna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, harvested this year and includes sea salt from Trapani, which adds more “salt” flavor to food, with less sodium, so use a pinch to naturally enhance the taste of your cooking. In addition, there’s penne from Pasta Faella — crafted according to tradition in the birthplace of Italian dried pasta, Gragnano: extruded through traditional bronze dies created specifically for each shape, and air-dried naturally for at least two days, unlike industrial pasta that is dried in less than an hour at high temperatures in electric ovens. 

And last, there’s Vacche Rosse, a next-level Parmigiano-Reggiano aged 24 months: In fact, it was the milk from these “red cows” that inspired Benedictine monks to first produce Parmigiano Reggiano more than 800 years ago. 

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This ingredient box comes from Gustiamo, an independent Bronx based importer that sources some of the most authentic and real food from Italy. Our mission is to improve the quality of Italian food in the United States, while supporting artisanal gastronomic traditions and connecting good farmers + food makers in Italy with eaters and home cooks across the US.